The world of chow-chows in the Broken Hill’s Heart kennel in 2020


With a chow-chow or more is the life is extremely exciting and cheerful, often humorous, kind, and very enjoyable. My beloved dogs have brought a lot of special, happy, enjoyable, hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years in the last 28 years into my life, and at present still bring.😊

I love my dogs very much, each one is a real individual and together a truly wonderful team, they, all of us who are so loyal, protective, loving, playful and cheerful, bring an infinite amount of joy and cheerfulness to my days with their existence!❤️😊😍 I am fortunate that in addition to my family, they are there for me and make my life more beautiful, thank you for their selfless love, devoted admiration, and unadulterated fidelity that is eternal and unparalleled, it cannot be compared to anything else!😊❤️

In this gallery from the beginning of 2020 and until the end of the year, you can read hilarious and loving stories, and you can see sweet, lovely, and wonderful photos of my beloved dogs!

I wish you a pleasant time browsing the gallery!😊

The first selfie of 2020 with Sir Lancelot

January 2020, the new year has arrived! We wish all dear readers, chow owners and fans a pleasantly beautiful year! Big kiss to everyone from us with love!😊💖😘

January life pictures

We’re writing the end of January, although the mornings are frosty, we haven’t seen any snow this year, though we’re really looking forward to it! Some life pictures with my snow bear, Playboy, and with my red beauty, Melody.❤❤

We love apples even in winter

We started this day in early February by eating apples, the resourceful Playboy and Melody discovered the apples exposed to the birds on the table and obtained.😍 They loved it, like all fruits!

Snowy moments with Playboy

We were greeted by snow on February 28th. For us was surprising the  winter again after the spring weather. It was weird for the dogs, too, but they enjoyed it. Some photos of our snowy wonderland, about my snow bear, Playboy, and the beautiful Melody in part.

Paw marks in the snow

And while the dogs enjoyed the joys of winter, wherever they went, they left well-removable paw marks in the snow, real cat paw marks (chows have short toes, and their paws are rounded like to the cats)!😊

Hello, spring!

We’re in mid-March, it’s spring!😍 The weather is wonderful out there, warm spring or rather early summer, the point is we really enjoy it!😊 Spring life pictures at us with my snow bear, Playboy, red beauty, Melody, the cream sisters, Nike and Nofri, and my big white bear, Indiana Jones!❤❤❤

My little knight, Sir Lancelot

New photos were taken of my little knight, Sir Lancelot, who cleverly fitted into the team, the boys don’t see a rival in him yet, so this is an idyllic period now.😊 Sir Lancelot is still hard to photograph, because it’s like a hurricane.😍 In the first photo are with my snow bear, with Playboy, but I misjudged it the distance, so Playboy’s head miss from the photo.

Walking among the flowers

Regular daily walk among our beautiful spring flowers.😍 The whole small garden is slowly blooming, it already offers a wonderful sight. The chows also love to walk in it, and of course in the footsteps of each other.😍 In the photos show my red beauty, Melody, who has already prepared for summer and dropped her big fur coat, as well as the wonderful Nofretete, and my snow bear, Playboy, who are still in big fur coat.❤️

Flowery selfie with my beloved snow bear

It is wonderful spring, the flowers of the fruit trees have unfolded their petals and provide a beautiful sight.😍 With my beloved snow bear, Playboy, and I thought we were taking advantage of this, so these two fabulous, flowery selfies were made.😍😊 I love my beautous snow bear!

The chows watch out over us

It is late of April, the weather is pleasant. My beautous dogs, Playboy and Sir Lancelot together were sniffing on this morning.❤ It is important to know everything and everyone safely, so Playboy set out to check through the courtyard, walked towards the gate, and Sir Lancelot followed him. The chow-chow is one of the best guard and protection breeds, consciousness gives security, that they are always watching and taking care of us!❤😊

Everyday happiness

Now is mid-May, still is spring and the weather also this suggests so. Even the chows can withstand temperatures around 20 °C and they are quite active, they walk around every corner of the yard, of course they can’t miss the street front, they stay longer here. The neighbor’s dog barks many times, and the kids on the street also play a lot outside, so this is a new experience for them. Of course the kids always admire them. They is shouting, „Come on! Look how beautiful they are!”And the more chows they see, the greater the amazement.😍 Sure, the kids also get the chows’s attention, my beloved dogs look at them with interest, there are those, who venture closer and even wag their tails when they speak to him, but there are those, who keep their distance, and he watch from the flowers garden. As many chow-chows, so many different personalities, but one thing is for sure, they are all adorable!❤❤❤

Some photos from our everyday life: my red beauty, Melody leads the line, behind her is the beautiful Nike, and lastly Sir Lancelot is heading for the gate, a minute later Playboy follows them, who stops next to me and then walks through on the flower garden.❤ After they looking at everything, and even the smallest corner they was sniffed, Playboy, Niké and Melody start go back, but Sir Lancelot still stays, sniffing the grass, but very thoroughly. They are all already sniffing in the other part of the yard, under the plum and cherry trees, but Sir Lancelot is still sniffing at the gate, he may have come across some interesting scent, I think, eventually, on my repeated calls, he starts toward me, and arrives at the others he also. At us is of this kind the weekday, the holiday, every day.❤❤❤

We love the flowers!

Yes, all my beloved dogs love the flowers, and they to take a smell at some wonderful tulips or roses occasionally, as in these photos the lovely Niké.😍

We pay attention! We pay attention to everything!

Always important to know exactly, what’s going on around us, Melody and Playboy think so too.😍 They can perceive with their super hearing  the quietest noisein in a fraction of a moment, and with their exceptionally strong sense of smell, they can also perceive things, that we humans cannot perceive. It has happened quite a few times in recent years, that my beloved dogs started barking loudly at night, waking up from my most beautiful dream, I rushing out with a flashlight in my hand to see, what might have happened! Do any of them feel bad? Or is a burglar in our yard? Then it turned out that the frogs were holding a night jumping competition at us, this was noticed by the dogs, but it was signaled with such a loud and persistent barking as if they had caught at least one burglar.😊 The photos show my red beauty, Melody, her son, Sir Lancelot, and my snow bear, Playboy, looking at the world outside the gatewith interest.❤❤❤

Fabulously beautiful photos about Playboy and Melody

In mid-May our beautiful roses unfolded their petals, dazzling us with a wonderful sight.😍 At us a tradition year after year, that during rose blooms, beautiful photos are taken of my beloved dogs among the fabulously beautiful roses.😍😊 It didn’t turn out any different this year either, with lots of nice photos taken of my snow bear, Playboy, and my red beauty, Melody.❤❤ 3 of my favorite photos, the other fabulously beautiful photos can be viewed Playboy’s & Melody’s own pages.😊

Scent of the rose! But this rose doesn’t scent! Or does yet? Melody senses it!

Melody and my other beloved dogs also often to take a smell at this red rambler rose which is beautiful and full of flowers every spring.😍 The interesting thing about the story is that this rose has no scent, at least it has no scent perceptible to the human nose. But since dogs have to an incredible extent mmore sophisticated sense of smell like us humans, 10,000x – 100,000x sharper, I think, that they can senses of smell in this rose, and for some reason they often to take a smell at this rose, just the way Melody does in the photos.😍

Sour cherries picking in the style of chow-chows

The fruits started ripen at us the beginning of the summer, the strawberry season already is over, now currently ripen cherries and sour cherries, later plums and blackberries come.🍓🍒. All my dogs love the fruits, strawberries were eaten every day for as long as it was, our cherries were not many, but the few cherries that fell to the ground were always found and eaten, and now the sour cherries ripen.🍒

In the last days become clear for me, that the team spirit works in the dogs also. And of course, the independent thinking also which is so characteristic of chow-chows. My vigilant dogs, as a team, helped remove the sour cherries about floppy branches. I didn’t thereupon think, that these floppy branches should have been pruned back in the spring, so now all of a sudden I just noticed, that the chow-chows was happily tasting the sour cherries about them. And of course Sir Lancelot didn’t have to show him what (not) to do, he realized everything himself.😍 In the photos show my snow bear, Playboy, my red beauty, Melody and my little knight, Sir Lancelot, but the others can be seen here and there.❤❤❤

Goodbye, June!

At the end of June arrived the summer, and from the pleasantly warm weather suddenly became hotness. I confess, for us, 25 to 27 degrees is more bearable, dogs also feel better. Today ends June, a few photos from our everyday lives. The photos show my little knight, Sir Lancelot, my snow bear, Playboy, and the beautiful girls, Melody, Nofretete, Leontina and Niké.❤❤❤❤

Where did the cherry go?

The beginning of July is already abundantly summer with high daytime temperatures and little cool in nights. The chow-chows are active in morning, they sleep a lot during the day and of course we take care because of the heat. We prefer cooler weather, like what is now. The chows is also more active in cooler weather, and there is no shortage of pranks, they all excel in this, especially Playboy and Melody.😍

Melody does her best to take off as much fruit as possible from the trees.😍 At the time of cherry ripening, she stood on the lower branches looking for the cherry, but already there was no more fruit on the lower branches. I tried to explain to her, that it was unnecessary to jump onto the branch, she came to me and looked at me with a meaningful look, I think she understood, that there were no cherries there anymore. Well, that she to be really sure, she tried the cherry branch twice more!😍 Real chow-chows thinking!😍

Plum hunting in the presentation of my red beauty, Melody

Plum-hunting on truly dignified in the presentation of my red beauty, Melody. I tried to talked her out of it: „Melody, the plum is not good for you! Don’t bounce, because it will be a problem!” A chow is hard to discourage, whatever she thinks, she does!🙃 Since the good word didn’t help, I switched tactics, and this came in. Blackberries are also a big favorite, and now a few grains, were doing a good job, and Melody was already looking at the base of the blackberry bush.😍 I love her very much! With the chow-chow the life is really special!😍

The blackberries are also a big favorite

It’s still fruit ripening season, right now blackberries are the hit with us and not only we but the chows also love it, often visited the blackberry arbour, and eats from it the blackberries.😍 They started eating, when the blackberries were half-ripe, what they achieved, they ate, they it didn’t matter, that the blackberry grains were immature or mature. I explained in vain to them that it was not good yet, as if they had not heard it. Typical chow behavior.🙂 There are now plenty of ripe blackberry grains in the blackberry arbour, so if the chowk want to eat about it, they don’t have to search too much. Behold, how it works this at us. In the photos are my snow bear, Playboy, and the beautiful girls, Nofretete & Melody.😍

Playboy and the blackberry charm

If he could talk, Playboy would certainly say, „Oh, how sweet blackberries! Heavenly! And all mine! I’ll taste them right away.”

The blackberries are delicious in autumn too!

Our fruits slowly will no longer be, blackberries are barely on the arbour, the chows can still find here and there or on the ground dropping blackberry grains.Sometimes even taller blackberries are targeted, as you can see in the photos. And sometimes we eat it together, if I see the blackberries, which my dogs do not achieve I pick it off, and we eat it together. Some cute photos of the blackberry hunter chows, about the beautiful girls, Melody and Nofri, about my snow bear, Playboy, and the youngest little knight, about Sir Lancelot.❤️ In the meantime, I had to realize that not only Melody can fly, but Nofretete and Playboy too!😍 I love them!❤️

Wedding in the next door

In the last weekend was a significant event in our neighborhood, they were getting ready for wedding.😍 Don’t think of a big wedding, they only invited close relatives, but there was movement next door all week, which the chow-chows noticed, the beautiful chow girls, Nofretete and Melody were this mainly interested in. The bride was beautiful and the groom was her worthy partner, I hope they will be happy for a lifetime, and they never separate!🥰🌹 Some cute photos of beautiful chow girls who were curiously watching what was going on next door!❤️

Fabulous autumn photos of Nofretete and Playboy

Undeniably autumn is here, bathing the trees in a sea of the colors.🍁🍂 Nature changes to a reddish-yellow color, sometimes it bends in gold color. In the words of French writer Albert Camus: „Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.”🍁🍂

We love this season, after the hot summer we can also get air finally. My beloved dogs are also more active, move more, and as the weather allows, here will be time for longer walks.🙂 Taking advantage of the beautiful fall time, I took a fabulous series of photos of my wonderful cream princess, Nofretete, and about my snow bear, Playboy, and about the two of them together.😍❤❤ Here are some of my favorite photos. Further photos you can viewed on Playboy’s & Nofretete’s own pages, as well as in galleries of Gallery I.

Autumn life pictures

Autumn life pictures at us with my beloved chow-chows, with my snow bear, Playboy, and with my beauteous girls, with Leontina, Niké, Nofretete and with Melody, as well as with little knight, Sir Lancelot.❤️😍 They enjoy this weather.🙂

The hilarious side of life, that is, if you have chow-chow dogs,  there is no shortage of surprises!

We have a bit of cloudy days behind us, but my dogs are always in a good mood, always ready to a little joke, on which I laugh so good.😊 On Halloween, we also carved 3 pumpkins to keep the harmful spirits away from us. The pumpkins took their rightful place on the steps, and I was hoping it wouldn’t be interesting for the dogs. Well, not everyone thought thus.😍 The pumpkins was aroused Indiana Jones’ interest already the very next day, after dinner, he thought it would be nice for a little nasi, and by the time I noticed, he was already eating one of the pumpkin’s hats.😍😊 10.5 years old and he can still surprise me!

This morning, my snow bear, Playboy, thought he considered shelled kohlrabi as a toy.😍 He took it off the garden table, then he took it in his mouth and walked with it, it’s not a small kohlrabi, it’s was good medium size.😍 The others, of course, wanted to take it from him, with Niké in the lead, she have needs everything that is round, can be taken in the mouth, maybe wheeze, or edible fruit, so Niké went next to Playboy, and tried to take the vegetables from him, but he failed. Finally, Playboy got tired of carrying, and put the kohlrabi in the grass, then to the delight of this he watered his favorite plant!😍 I don’t have a photo of the Halloween pumpkin story, but I have captured today’s kohlrabi story, unfortunately, the wind was blowing enough, and the sky was overcast, so the photos weren’t clear.

Dear Reader! Thank you, that reading the little stories and looked at the beautiful photos, real joy for me! I hope I managed to show you that life with chow-chow is really exciting and fun!😍❤️ The lovely stories soon continue on the page „The world of chow-chows in the Broken Hill’s Heart chow-chow kennel in 2021 year”!😊 New news soon, please visit my website often: www.brokenhillchow.hu, remember this!😊 

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Author of this article: Ildikó Vámosi, the owner and the breeder of the Broken Hill’s Heart chow-chow kennel  & Author of articles about dogs


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