Birthdays in january in the Broken Hill’s Heart chow-chow kennel!


In January are many joyful events, that are related to my beloved dogs and these are dear for my heart!❤️ I’d so rather say, these are very kind and memorable to me, birthdays always special occasions!❤️ In January are two Birthdays too!

Four years ago, on the 26th a cream-colored boy was born. He was the first to be born, he was big, wonderful and strong.😍 He was crying like human infants. As I wiped and held in my hand, he calmed down and I felt every beat of his heart. He was so beautiful, I loved him from the first minute!❤️ The cream-colored baby was particularly beautiful in appearance, and in his character was so kind,  playful, cheerful and happy!😊 I tried to choose a suitable name for him which is appropriate for his personality- so he became Playboy! In the first weeks my bond with him deepened, and I decided he will stay with me! And this is how became!😊

Playboy as a baby was playful, cheerful and very active, played a lot with his mom, with his brothers and with us. Playboy as a puppy was inquiring and open-minded nature, Playboy as a young age was friendly, still very active and a real prankster! 😍 Playboy as a grown-up became proud and dignified! His nature is very kind, cheerful, and inquiring, good mental ability and very, very affectionate!

Playboy is a cheerful and a happy chow, his nature became more serious since his young age, but he’s still ready to do prankster. I think sometimes, that he like a cat, he loves to roll around and to play on the grass.😍 He loves to eat, he eats anything with joyful, he loves summer fruits, he’s big favorites are strawberries, blackberries and plums.

In addition to his wonderful character, his appearance is not underestimated, he has the strong bones and the compact body, he has the elegant look with a beautiful face, he has the excellent pigment, the clean eyes, and the beautiful coat. With a very light cream color, and in his double fur he is often like a snow bear!❤️

Playboy became 4 years old at the end of January!❤️ My faithful companion in my everyday life, I love him so much!❤️ I hope, we can be together for many, many years, he will be next to me, two of us together in good time and in bad time, in health and in sickness!

In this month have yet a birthday, which my heart’s kind.❤️ Playboy’s birthday to almost coincide with his mom’s birthday.❤️

My dear Leontina born a very promising pairing. Her dad is the big russian cream bear, Bis-Lac Oriental Keep the Win, he was a wonderful dog, and Leontina’s mom is an own breeding wonderful cream girl, Thália.❤️

When the first time was the newborn baby in my hand, I saw her was so beautiful, and I saw her very light in cream-color.❤️ As she grew, I dealt with her a lot and in the meantime, I totally fell in love, so there was no question, that she will remain a member of our family.❤️

Leontina baby was very friendly, she was agile and inquired, she played lot in the yard, she was loves to rolling in the grass and she was watch the blooming tulips, she always respecting the tulips and she never hurting them. She was a very sweet, lovely and cheerful baby.❤️

Leontina as a young was agile and active, which has changed over time, as she grew up and became a mom, she became completely serious.❤️ Leontina loves to eat as a my other chows, she also loves the fruits, she’s favorite especially the strawberries and the blackberries.

Leontina loves her babies and our family, but she doesn’t like the cats, bathing and the rain. She immediately barking, when a stranger arrives, with whom Leontina not sympathize at first sight, but if that person approaches her as expected, maybe after some time the ice will break.

Leontina (like all my other cream-colored chows) has a strong, dark pigment, which is a positive property, which is very important to preserve and carry on. Leontina passes on all this to her offspring, each of her’s offspring has a very dark pigment.

Leontina is one of my dearest dog, who can loves very much, and I really like her also. From the beginning was a big love between us, and this as time went on it deepened.❤️

The years was pass quickly, I can not believe, that my wonderful Leontina is 8 years old!❤️ I hope for it, that we can spend quite a few years together in the health and in the happiness.❤️

About my snow bear, about Playboy you can find all information on his own page, please, click>>.

About Playboy’s mother, about my beauteous Leontina you can find all information on her own page, please, click>>.

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Author of this article: Ildikó Vámosi, the breeder and owner of the Broken Hill’s Heart Chow-Chow Kennel & the author of the Hungarian “Dog Portal” online magazine & author for the Hungarian magazine „The Dog”.


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