Broken Hill’s Heart Chow-Chow Art


I am bringing for you a wonderful fairy tale world, dear Reader!😊😍 In the Broken Hill’s Heart Art gallery you can see with special effects made pictures.😍 My snow bear, Playboy, my big, white bear, Indiana Jones, my beauteous chow girls, Melody, Nofretete, Niké, Leontina, Thália and the others, next to them the wonderful chow babies, my little bear, they are all like that, as thought they would have come out from an exciting tale or from an amazing cartoon.😍❤  Many, many wonderful pictures take us to a magical world! Take a look at the pictures, and be part of the magic!😊😍 Please, click on the picture you want to see, because it is the way to enjoy the magic! 😊😍

I wish you a pleasant time browsing the gallery!😊

Dear Reader! Thank you for checking out the wonderful Art style photos in this gallery!😊 In today’s modern, ever-evolving digital world, the digital art is gaining ground, you got an insight into a smaller part of this by taking photos with digital Art technology. I hope it was enjoyable for you and I was able to take you into a magical world by looking at the fabulous pictures!😊😍 New news soon, please visit my website often: www.brokenhillchow.hu, remember this!🙂

If you are the lovers of chow-chow, I want to invite you in the facebook group of Broken Hill’s Heart chow-chow kennel.😊❤️

You can also find nice photos and useful content on the facebook page of the kennel!😊❤

From my wonderful puppies and from the beautiful adult chows you can see nice videos on the YouTube channel of my kennel, please check it out there too!😊

If you want, you can find me on Instagram too.

The pictures and this gallery made by Ildikó Vámosi, the breeder of the Broken Hill’s Heart chow-chow kennel  & the author and editor-in-chief of the hungarian „Dog Portal” & the hungarian „The Dog” magazine’s articles writer.


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