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Finally this time has come too!😊 I have been watching already since 5 days, and today is finally started! I sit in the morning, 8 o’clock next to the whelping box in a chair and wait patiently for the arrivals. Patiently? Oh, in this moment is not the best word for this, because I would describe it at least with one hundred different words, what I feel and think now. I’m excited… but I don’t show! Just calmly, because for my dear dog is now the most important the tranquility, that I to be with her, and that, I can support her! With great excitement and with some fear together I look forward to the miracle… the birth of new lives!❤️

There are a thousand questions in my thoughts, while I watch my beloved dog in the moments before birth. I hope everything will be fine during babies birth! I hope, that every baby in safely and in healthy will be born! I hope there will be no complications and the birth does not end with cesarean.  Whether how many girls will be born?  And how many boys?  And how will they look? Will the babies be beautiful, strong and healthy? What will their faces be like? What will their bodies be like? Will they be big? Or are they smaller? I’m curious and excited!

Events are fast, my beloved dog has pains and has heavily breathing. Looks at me, then starts up toward me, one step, two step, she already here next to me, she pushes her nose to my hand, I look into her eyes, I kiss her face, I talk to her, I reassure her and encourage her down! She concentrate, she know from instinct, what to do. Something happens, one pressure, two pressures, she constantly push, still nothing! What’s going to be already? The baby with buttock come, I attention, I try to help, finally succeed! A new life was born onto the world! Her mom is unwrap, licks, she already now loves him!❤️

Woe, has trouble, the baby one does not breathe, his mouth is open, does not move, I quickly take away, he has to act immediately, his tongue is still pink, even is hope, I turn the puppy upside down, comes little mucus through her nose! I turn it back him, and I massage his back, his chest and his heart.😳 This can’t be, no! I do not want to lose him, I massage him continuously, I don’t know how much time has passed, but it seems to me to be an eternity. Come on, breathe! You can’t give up, no!😳😟 At this moment, the first breathing is happens, there is hope!  I massaging his back and chest alternately. Newer intake of breath and the baby moves in my hands, and gawp! He yet no okay, onwards, onwards! Do not give up! And already he is crying and neatly moves!🙂 His mum comes, she was worried for the baby, she licking him, while the baby to groan, and I feel his power and I know, that the baby will be okay now already!❤️

After the first shock, I’ll finally look at the baby, so properly!😍 A big, strong and beautiful cream-colored boy was born onto the world!❤️ So innocent and fragile this little live, breathable miraclein my hand!❤️ Meanwhile the baby calm down, I kiss him, she has a wonderful smell! Sweet little baby, I welcome you in this world, we fought for your life and we won!❤️ We won, we won, real joy for me, even my tears flowed, while I watch him! Meanwhile, his dear mum comes and licking her puppy, they are already bond each other!💕 But there already is no time now, because the next baby is wants to be born presently. I can only hope that the above difficulties won’t happen again. I put the baby under the infrared light lamp, that he dry and warm up! The previous miracle is repeated, and again and again… a total of 4 x. 4 sweet, soft, wonderfully beautiful, baby-smelling puppy came onto the world, all boys.❤️ Everyone was born in safely and in healthy, there was no complication in the rest of the birth. My beloved dog was skillful!❤️ I’m so proud of her!😊 We are both happy, and after such a hard day, they are tired. The chow babies are wonderful, strong, healthy, and they’re all take a suck, their mother takes care of them skillfully.😊 The difficult period is just beginning for me and for the mom.

I admire the miracle that nature has created, and admire the new lifes, the sweet babies, who are so beautiful in my eyes.❤️ And I know, that their future is in my hands.😊 I feel committed, and on my shoulder the weight of responsibility! And I undertake… and I do it… and I’m very tired, and exhausted, because I have no time to sleep, but I do it, because I love them, and I am responsible for their.❤️ And the hard work begins, the babies are sucking and sleeping at certain intervals, they are sucking and sleeping.

The babies are starting to develop nicely!😍 Big joy to see, how they are grow.😍 It will be in front of my eyes, in just under a few weeks, from four palm-sized baby, four active little snow bear, who are already do not fit in the palm of my hand. The days are full of active work for me.. and the weeks fly fast.

Five weeks later, I’ll sit in room, on the ground, on the carpet and I am looking with real happiness my wonderful little snow bears, who around me running and playing!😍 Their mommy keep an eye on them, she watching their steps, and she playing a lot with them.😍 The babies grew a lot, they are already walking,  they eat nicely and develop from minute to minute. It is interesting to see, as the babies playint with each other, as they wrestle with each other, as they testing their strength!😍 They are not spared me, they pulling my pants, pulling my sweater finger, they bite my hands and my toes with their little teeth! They are bounce on me, crawling in my lap, they lick my hands and my face. I lift them up, but I can’t lift up 4 babies at once, how could I do too this, now already I can’t lift up 2 babies neither at the same time! Everyone get it one by one the dose of love, and her big kisses several times, and I am preparing some nice common photos about my four beloved babies together!❤️

I attention, how they change and evolve, I attention, how they are walking, step by step, with every day faster, and always farther. I attention to the development of their intellect. Brothers, but all of them are different personalities!❤️ They are so sweet and wonderful to me! I love them so much!❤️ Their mother is still an incredibly caring and great mother, but now already is up to me to further develop the puppies. And that is why I try to do everything.😊

The firstborn, with whom we fought for his life together, he grew to my heart from the first minute, I loved him from the beginning.❤️ The cream-colored baby was particularly beautiful in appearance, and his character was so kind, playful, cheerful and happy baby!😍 I tried such name to choose for him, which appropriate for his personality, so he became Playboy! In the first weeks my bond towards him it deepened further, and I decided, he will stay with me!💕

My beloved puppies became 6 weeks old.❤️ The time has come, that I find new loving families for them, trustworthy families, in who I believe, and I can to expect from them, who they will love them 10 – 13 years.🙂 Many letters, messages, telephone conversations from interested people, from who I have to choose the new, real, and loving owners. Visits, first encounter, sympathy, befriending, who they can come to us! Who lives too far gets and they can’t come to us, they get lot of photos and they hear dear stories of her puppy, continuously, until she does not arrive to them.🙂 Most of the prospective new owners are just a familiar first, but I hope, that they will be soon my friends, because of our common puppy we share with each other the rest of her life.😊

For me, this is what the „BREEDER” means.😊 Commitment, responsibility, love!😊❤ The competitions, there reached results, titles, awards can serve as a tool to measure our breeding goals, especially if we get confirmation from a renowned and respected race specialist that we are good doing what we do! But we should never lose sight of the fact, that during in our efforts, we are creating new lives – living, breathing, thinker, sentient, innocent lives, who deserve the best and most of what we can offer them.❤️ The family pet puppy of in eyes sparkling light equally important, as the puppy, whose future clearly drawn into to lead to the show rings! Each of them deserve the same amount of love and care!

Being a good breeder, means taking responsibility for every life we ​​have created! This statement is about finding responsible dog owners, who really deserve these wonderful creatures and who are just as committed to them as we, BREEDERS.😊

The show tapes are fading, the records are forgotten, and show careers are short-lived. All of these seem to be meaningless, when compared to the character of these special animals, whose lives we have created.😊

What endures are their loyalty, their love and their uncompromising devotion, which they give unconditionally to us.❤️ We owe to each of them, the same in equal measure, for their entire lives.💕


4 years have passed since, that my 3 beloved puppies got into new family! During this time I got many nice photos, and I heard many dear, cheerful and fun story about them from their families! I’m lucky to be able to track can the lives of all three! Great pleasure to know, that is they love it so much, and they are appreciated, in their own families!😊❤

I am grateful to all dear owner, and I am glad, that they to take care of them responsibly, and they to surround them with love!😊❤ It feels good to know that they live in the best families, what I could wish them!❤️

The firstborn, Playboy, stayed with me, and lives in our family.❤️ It was a real experience to follow his development and challenge him to raise, as he is a strong-willed chow-chow. In baby age he was playful, cheerful and very active, in puppy age he was open-minded and a waggish boy, in young age he was still very active and a real happy boy! In adult age he is became more serious, but he is yet always a waggish boy.❤️

In his character are cheerful, active, playful, intelligent and very affectionate!❤️ From the outset, there was a strong attachment between us, which has been deepening over the years.😊

Playboy my loyal companion in my everyday life, I love him very much!❤️ I am grateful for his special friendship, for his devotional loyalty, and for his unconditional love, I will try to return all of these to the right extent, and to my other dogs too!❤️


About my snow bear, about Playboy all information you can find it on his own page, please, click here>>.

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