Broken Hill Thália became 13 years old!


My beloved dog, my beauteous Thália is 13 years old today.❤ 13 wonderful years together, full with countless beautiful moments and with memories!❤

Thália had already fascinated everyone as a baby with her charming appearance and with her playful nature, wherever we went together, everyone admired her!😍

We started in this period showing her in the dog shows, so successful, that her was chosen as the most beautiful baby in the CAC dog show in Nyíregyháza in spring 2007, our beloved Thália became Baby BIS at 4 and a half months old!😍 We were very happy with this wonderful result!😊

In the next months Thália took part several dog shows, she performed well and she has achieved great results!😊 I trusted it secretly, that this will be so, because Thália’s parents, especially her dad did well in the dog shows’s the world, and I hoped the apple wouldn’t fall far from his tree!😊

Thália’s parents had a proud appearance.❤ Her mom was our own breeding red girl, Broken Hill Oxána, her father was our own breeding friendly boy, Broken Hill Nico.❤

Broken Hill Oxána

HJCH, HCH Broken Hill Nico

Thália grew nicely, besides the daily routine I dealt with her a lot, we played, and we taking advantage of the pleasant autumn weather, we have made walks in nature!🙂 We often took beautiful photos during our walks. Thália loved, when I took photographed.

Thália as a young was a real energy bomb. We often showed her in the dog show, where she achieved great results, and after her achievements she received Hungarian Champion title in 2009.😊

Her nature as an adult has changed a lot, she became calmer, this positive change was noticeable especially with the birth of their first puppies. Thália loved her puppies, when I took the little ones in my hand, she watched them with jealousy.❤

As one of the pillars of our breeding, Thália was one of the best moms, who gave us healthy dogs with good pigmentation and with wonderful beauty.❤ For the cream-colored chow-chows are important to have a stable, a strong pigment and and its further inheritance. Thália (and all my other cream-colored dogs) also have a strong, dark pigment, which is a positive property and very important to preserve and carry on.👍 Dark soles at the age of 2-3 days, the nose and the edge of the mouth are solidly black at the age of 8-10 days, the tongue will quite dark purple between the ages of 2 and 5 weeks, the mucous membranes inside the mouth are also black with the nose mirror together. Thália passed on all this to her offspring, all of her offspring have very dark pigments.😊❤

Thália’s daughter, Lora in 4 weeks old

Thália’s son, Indiana Jones in 5 weeks old

Among her puppies, the closest to my heart are the wonderful Indiana Jones and the lovely Leontina, who living in our family.❤ My big white bear, Indiana Jones combines everything in himself, I wanted always as a cream boy as he, with his birth my desire was fulfilled.❤ I love him so much! Leontina is one of my favorite dogs, who’s as light coloured as her mom, I really love her!❤

Thália is an active dog, even in her old age, though she is a little slower as before, but still so loves to play as she did in her younger age, she similarly doesn’t like the cats, she similarly to keep our home and takes care of us, and with the same loyalty loves us, her family!❤ Thália lives happy and cheerful veteran years lives (11 years in the 3 photos).❤

Last year these days I trusted, that she would stay for at least another year with us, so it became!😊 Although she is already harder to move, and she has been aged in one year lot, luckily she has no health problems, and her appetite is very good (12 and 12.5 years old in the photos).😊

❤ The years flew by, almost unnoticed, and Thália became 13 years old today! ❤

I love Thália so much, and I’m proud of her!❤ I am very happy, that she is a member of our family, and my loyal friend, I had many beautiful and memorable moments with her!❤ In the good times and in the bad times, in health and in illness always together! I am grateful to her, that together under spent the years so much love has given me, and real joy was for me, that I could loved her, through a long dog life!😊❤


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Author of this article: Ildikó Vámosi, the breeder of the Broken Hill’s Heart chow-chow kennel  & the author and editor-in-chief of the hungarian online „Dog Portal” & the hungarian „The Dog” magazine’s articles writer


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