Broken Hill Indiana Jones became 10 years old!


❤️ My beloved dog, my big, white bear, Indiana Jones became 10 years old. ❤️
❤️ 10 wonderful years together, full with countless beautiful moments and with memories! ❤️

10 years … flew away quickly so incredibly fast. The moments of the past beautiful years live so vividly alive in me. I can clearly remember, how excitedly we waited for her to be born, the process was not easy, it started cumbersome, and it was a real joy when we could finally hold the sweetly giant baby in our hands!❤️ He was strong and very calm, his name became Indiana Jones.❤️  In the following years it was proved, that this name fits him perfectly!😊

My daughter, Edit and Indiana Jones baby

Indiana Jones 1 day old

Indiana Jones was born per only baby. His father is our russian imported cream boy, Wini, and his mother is our own breeding cream girl, the beautiful Thália.❤️ He inherited his beauty and special nature from his parents and grandparents.❤️

Bis-Lac Oriental Keep the Win

HCH Broken Hill Thália

As a baby, he was a beautiful little bear, in appearance was very strong, and in his character he was proud and serious.❤️

As a baby, he was very playful, he was an inquiring nature, and of open to everything. He played a lot with his mom, with us, with his toys, and with everything, which to came before his nose, thus, in addition to the whistling toys, the broom and the sink sponge were not left out of the line either.😍

Slowly the time for walks came, we got to know our wider environment, the streets, the houses, the people, the noises, the cars, it was strange to him at first, but slowly he learned everything.

I only one thing missed in this period, and that was his barking. It is an established fact, that the puppy chows don’t bark in the first months. In the case of Indiana Jones also, that was the case, not barking for months, I was afraid he wouldn’t even be able to bark, I waited every day to see if I could finally hear his voice today. He was 5 months old when I first heard his barking, and that was a miracle to me (of course, the barking has since already made up for it).😍

Indiana Jones grews nicely, and seemed more and more, that he is a particularly wonderful cream-colored chow-chow, that’s why we wanted to present him in dog show.❤️ He took part in his first dog show at the age of half a year, he got a very nice description and a very promising title, it was a huge pleasure for us! Until the age of 3, Indiana has participated in several dog shows with great results! One of the exhibition judging will remain forever memorable, as the international show judge him noted that, he had not seen such a beautiful, strong, and tall cream colored chow-chow boy for a very long time, and would like to see Indiana Jones at as many dog shows as possible. Not only the show judges, but also visitors to exhibitions admired him!😊

And many others also, our guests, and the lovers of chow-chows, who have visited us, he impressed everyone! Indiana Jones has a robust physique and strong boned, with good pigment, he has become an elegant-looking adult, one of the most beautiful cream boy for me, who was born in my kennel, my big, white bear!❤️

❤️ His calm nature and inclination to play, remained onto his adulthood. ❤️

And the charm of finesse, that characterizes him so much.😍 He loves to take everything from the table that is edible, for him there is nothing impossible in such a field. He loves to draw attention to herself with her deep, rich voice!😍

He is this the dog, who I can photograph at any time because he always enjoys being able to stand proud and dignified in the crossfire of cameras, as if to say, „Look, I’ll show you, how beautiful I am!” I love to photographing him, and I always try to solve it in a way, that to be reflected from my photos Indiana’s unique personality, and his momentary mood also.😊

Indiana is a calm, cheerful, lively, well-meaning, and good intellectual ability, but very stubborn dog.😍 He loves her belly, he loves to eat, he loves fruits, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blackberries, in the ripening period are all in danger of it.

He loves it, when I deal with him, but he doesn’t like to bathe and he doesn’t like, when I’m to comb his coat. A real nature-loving chows, he loves the flowers (not to eat, just to admire them).😊

We suffered a terrible trauma in the fall of 2017! Indiana Jones became a gastric torsion!😥 My most dreaded nightmare, unfortunately, a gastric torsion is the second most common cause of death in dogs! I was really scared, I was afraid I could lose indiana, we immediately went to the animal hospital, where Indiana was operated on. Indiana Jones survived the gastric torsion, after the surgery she got better and then fully recovered in a few weeks!🙂 To thank the doctors of the Nyíregyháza Animal Hospital, especially dr. Zoltán Fekete, who performed the surgery –  thank you for saving the life of my dog, and thanks to  the staff at the animal hospital who helped us in some way in this story. Glad everything worked out well and Indiana Jones is fine. I’m lucky to be able to tell my dog had survived the gastric torsion. Lots of owners and lots of dogs were not so lucky.

2,5 years have passed since the horrific incident, luckily Indiana Jones is fine.❤️ He became a father at the age of 9,5 years, last December, his son Broken Hill’s Heart Sir Lancelot lives in our family, and is as beautiful as his father, Indiana, and his mother, Melody.❤️

Indiana Jones lives happy veteran years, he still so loves to play as he did in her younger age, he similarly doesn’t like the cats, he similarly to keep our home and takes care of us, and with the same loyalty loves us, his family!😊

Indiana Jones is very special to me, he immediately stole my heart, this feeling has grown steadily in me over the years, and I’ve known for a few years now, that he is my dream dog, I’ve also always such cream colored chow-chow wanted, my dream came true with his birth!😊❤ But not only in appearance and character is he special, Indiana Jones is a very healthy chow-chow, except for gastric torsion, he was never sick in 10 years. The result of the health test required for introduction into breeding was also the best, HD-A, free of hip dysplasia.😊 He is my big, white bear, and this will forever remain, both in my heart and in my thoughts!❤️ And why do I call he that so? Just look at the two pictures and you’ll know right away!🙂

I love Indiana Jones so much, and I’m proud of him!❤️ I am very happy, that he is as a member of our family my animal-companion, and can be my faithful friend at the same time, we had and have lots of beautiful and memorable moments together!❤️ I am grateful to him for his love, and a real pleasure for me, that I can love him during a long dog life.😊❤️

❤️ Finally, accept a virtual gift from us: beautiful portraits of my big, white bear, Indiana Jones. ❤️ 


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Author of this article: Ildikó Vámosi, the owner and the breeder of the Broken Hill’s Heart chow-chow kennel  & the author of the hungarian „The Dog” magazine


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