Beyond the Rainbow Bridge… In memory of our beloved dogs


As the november approaches, I will be very sad!😟 It’s hard to accept the immutable… and hard to remember without crying to our loved ones, who have left earthly existence, whether we talk about our human family members, about our friends, about our acquaintances, whether about our pets, about our dogs, about our cats!

Today is All Soul’s Day… besides our dead loved ones, let’s remember our beloved companions, our pets. Many people have beautiful memories in their hearts of their died dog, including to me too. If I think back to the beautiful times, what we spent together, I remember many wonderful moments, I assisted many of my babies at birth, the first breath, oh… the first cry, ouch… when at first I kept in my hand new lives, the soft and sweet babies… this was an indescribable miracle,  with warmth filled my heart!💗 And the continuation, together through a dog life, in good times and in worse times, in health and in disease, until death not separates us from each other!❤️

I was fortunate, I lived with them many wonderfully beautiful, cheerful and gratifying days, months, years, I loved them, I loved every moment!❤️ The first glances, when they opened their eyes and looked at me, the first uncertain steps, which they the ended up sitting on the buttocks, the first self irrespective eating, when the whole face and the little paws got stuck with food, the first self irrespective drinking, when they put their little feet in the water, because so drinking definitely easier! The first play’s experience with their brothers and with sisters, with their mom and with us, while we feel the power of their needle-pointed teeth. During the period of socialization (I this so name, that the age of discoveries), those wondering faces while experiencing the new things, they were so sweet.❤️ The puppy age with curiosity, the desire to experience everything, to get to know, the young age with adolescent charm, when their not a kid anymore, but their’s not yet also grown up. Then slowly across in the happy adulthood, so many happy and kind moment, the outburst of joy when they see me, the happy wag, the wet dog kisses on my face and their glittering eyes, when we looked into each other’s eyes.💞 Lots of plays and pranks, that made me smile to my face, moreover I laughed often cheerily, the enjoyable walks together, I loved everything.❤️

And finally, the beauties of old age, their still opened to play, in fact, they love this,  their eyes still shine just as vividly, as in their active age and they still have such with a happy childhood soul, but their steps are already slower, the walks are already shorter and the sleep time are already longer.❤️

Unfortunately, once the time comes, when to us have to let them go,  across the Rainbow Bridge… it’s very painful the parting, for them also and for us also… I was with them, I was there for their last breath. This was terrible… this hurted so much… my tears were flowing… and my soul was crying.❤️

Our all dogs, who have left earthly existence, they had left a paw print in my heart, and infinitely many beautiful and kind, gratifying and cheerful memories, I will never forget them, the beautiful years we live together will unite us forever.🐾❤

We thank them for had our friends in their short lives, and they made with this our lives more beautiful.❤️💞

I now with my favorite photos remember them!

Broken Hill Cleopatra
2008 – 2020

Broken Hill Thália
2006 – 2020

Broken Hill Fortuna
2009 – 2020

Broken Hill Belinda
2008 – 2019

Broken Hill Nico
2005 – 2017

Four Seasons Hip-Hop Hanka
2004 – 2017

Broken Hill Erik
2004 – 2016

Broken Hill Effi
2004 – 2014

Broken Hill Alíz
2002 – 2013

Bis-Lac Oriental Keep The Win
2008 – 2013

Broken Hill Oxána
2000 – 2011

Broken Hill Topáz
2006 – 2009

Now we burn in effigy these candle in memory of our human family members, about our friends, about our acquaintances, our beloved pets, dogs, and cats, who have left from earthly existence!

❤️They all live forever in our thoughts and in our hearts!❤️

I believe, there is „life” beyond the Rainbow Bridge too. I believe, there is a country up there… yes I’m sure there is a country up there… I believe and know, that our dead loved ones take care of us from above, they watching our steps, moments of our lives, and when we dream about them, they message to us! I believe… and I know!

“There are hairy angels, who are nothing more
than a thought, and you go wherever,
you know they will always be there with you,
so you will never be alone. ”


Author of this article: Ildikó Vámosi, the owner and the breeder of the Broken Hill’s Heart chow-chow kennel  & Author of articles about dogs

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