Anniversary in December: the Broken Hill’s Heart chow-chow kennel is 24 years old!


The 12th month of the year is really special to me, and not just because of the intimate winter holidays. In December are joyful events and anniversaries, which connecting to my kennel and to my dogs! The first and most important of these is the anniversary of the foundation of my kennel.

The Broken Hill’s Heart chow-chow kennel is celebrating its 24rd birthday in December of 2020.😊❤️ 24 wonderful years in true friendship and in love with the majestic chow chows.❤️ 24 years are full with countless sweet moments, happy, joyful, with fantastic experiences, and with some touching, sad, with weeping moment, which are all part of life.

24 years, that I spent with breeding: birth of new lives, sweet babies of raising, new loving families of finding,  the difficulty of separation from each other, following their lives, helping their loving families. 24 years, that I spent with breeding: countless great show results, with some less good ones together, and many Champion titles reached, own breeding, beautiful-looking and good nature chow-chow.❤️

Bronze Level Master Breeder, Double Bronze Level Master Breeder, Silver Level Master Breeder, and Golden Level Master Breeder titles, thank you to my wonderful dogs and to their loving families!😊 24 years full of plans, many with came true dream, and some with not fulfilled dreams, with few difficulties, with fresh start, with new plans, with new dreams and with new hopes!🙂 24 years, a wonderful ancient breed, as a breeder of chow-chow! I love all my sweet and beauteous chow-chows, even those, who have already crossed the Rainbow Bridge, all of them will remain in my thoughts and in my heart forever!❤️

Beside the 24 year anniversary, several happy birthdays also are in this month! Six years ago, in mid-December, a red girl was born. She was big, strong and wonderful! As the only girl in the litter, she immediately kidnapped my heart!❤️ I wanted to give her a special name, that’s how Melody became.❤️ As a baby, she was very playful, cheerful and active, playing a lot with her mom, her brothers and to us too. As a puppy, Melody was very inquiring, and open-minded, she wanted to get to know everything in her environment, so we had a lot of fun and humorous moments together. Melody has grown to be a wonderfully beautiful adult ever since, she has kept her playfullness, her activity, her cheerfullness, her curiousity and her openness throughout from her puppy age. I love her very much!❤️

In december 2014 were more surprises also.😊 A few days after Melody’s birth, was born two beautiful cream babies in a long-awaited litter! Their names became Niké and Nofretete.❤️ Both girls are special to me, I really loved them, they stayed with me and live in our family. Already as babies the two girls also were beautiful and strong, as they grew, it became increasingly clear to me, that they were completely different in appearance and in character. Niké was a sweet and wonderful baby. I had noticed already in the first few weeks, that she has how beautiful, proud and dignified. Niké was more obedient, she learned more easily, she was attentive and inquiring character. Niké has become a kind, smiling, kind-hearted, smart, open-minded adult, who understands everything immediately, she is friendly and loves the beautiful.❤️

Nofri was a very sweet and a lovely baby, by nature already her baby age she was very active, playful, inquiring and open-minded. She played a lot with her sister, Niké and with a few days older Melody. They discovered the world together as a baby, they watched the blooming flowers together, they got to know their surroundings together. Nofretete was a more active, very playful and humorous puppy, so we saw a lot of funny scenes. Growing up she kept her cheerfulness and her inquiring nature, moreover she is good-hearted, kind and friendly girl.❤️

💞❤️ And now, in December, all three chow’s, my dark red beauty, Melody and the beautiful cream-colored sisters, Niké and Nofretete became 6 years old! I love them! ❤️💞

One more anniversary was in December, which is dear to my heart, and I must write about this. The Broken Hill’s Heart chow-chow kennel’s facebook group started on December 01 of 2017!😊 Thank you to everyone, who joined and who is active in this group! 🙂😊 Thanks to the group members under a post or under a photo for your kind comments, thanks a lot of nice stickers and smileys, I love them!😊❤️ In the future too I look forward with lots of wonderful photos and dear posts the group members, and of course, newly entering people in the group as well!

On december 01 of 2020 became 3 years old the group!😊 We are increase nicely, I’m happy, that more and more people finding the Broken Hill’s Heart chow-chow kennel’s facebook group! And now a little gift from me: I made a wonderful picture on the occasion of the 3 years anniversary.😊❤️ You can see in the photos my adorable adult and puppy chow-chow! I really like them!❤️

If you are a chow-chow lovers, I wait to you with love to the Broken Hill’s Heart chow-chow kennel’s facebook group.😊❤️ If you want to get to know me as a breeder, if you want to know more closely my kennel, to see lots of wonderful and kind photos, and to read many interest thing about our chows life, join to the Broken Hill’s Heart chow-chow kennel’s facebook group, please, click on the group name, and you can join!😊❤️

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Author of this article: Ildikó Vámosi, the owner and the breeder of the Broken Hill’s Heart chow-chow kennel  & Author of articles about dogs


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