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Látogatóink száma

Our Kennel

Welcome to the kennel of Broken Hill homepage!

We are Ildikó and István.

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Our love of chows started in the autumn of 1991. My husband and I were walking in the centre of Sopron town when we saw a red lion who was strutting next to his owner. He was so beautiful that he captured us and my husband and I decided to look after this breed. We have found every information about this breed in books and papers. In a couple of weeks we got in touch with some breeders who gave us photos and much valuable information about these beautiful dogs. This breed has already attracted us in that time, so my husband and I decided that if we would have a dog in the future, it could be only a chow-chow. We kept the connection with the breeders henceforward and in one of the kennels we placed a red puppy on record. In between these our daughter Edit was born in 1992, so we hold the puppy-buying over a bit.

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At last we bought our first chow-chow in 1994 in the mentioned kennel, she was a red female (Metta). We fell in love with her and we also spoilt her a bit. In the summer of this year we visited some shows to get experiences, we talked with breeders and got many advices from them. In 1995 we entered the female to a national show where she got a CAC title in her class. In March 1995 we bought a red male from Yugoslavia which had very strong bones but unfortunately he was died at the age of one and half year. In May 1996 we bought a red female puppy and a bid fair 10 week-old red male puppy from two different breeders in Hungary and they were the first breeding dogs of the BROKEN HILL kennel. In December of that year we bought our first white-cream male (Gino) and we fell in love with him at once. He became a very imposing dog with strong bones and beautiful head. One of his grandchildren is one of the most beautiful females in or kennel at the moment (Cora).

tn_Thalia1.JPG Cora

When we have chosen our breeding dogs we've taken those, who suit the standard requirements. The features of our dogs are strong bones and physique, short body, nice bearish head, robust build, lionish appearance, balanced temper.


We have been going to shows since 1997. We have taken part in many national CAC and international CACIB shows where we achieved nice results. Every year we enter many of our dogs to the Hungarian Chow-chow Club Show where we also have good results. In 2005 because of our show results we got the Brazen Wreathed Masterbreeder title. In this year Erik got the title Hungária Junior Champion, in 2006 his sister Effi got Hungária Champion and Hungária Show Champion titles. In 2007 Nico became Hungária Junior Champion and Effi achieved Hungária Grand Champion title because of her spring results. In this year and last year we have taken CAC and CACIB titles to home from almost every shows and many times we achieved the Best Of Breed BOB and Best Of Group BOG titles, too.


In a kennel one of the most beautiful things is the birth of puppies. To see how they are born and developing one day to the other, when their eyes are opening, when they stand up and take steps, when their teeth are coming and they learn to eat and drink by themselves, when they are walking and running, playing much with one another, with their mother and also with us. We look after them right from their birth and we spend more time with them as they grow. They are developing very fast, they are changing from one day to the other, 8-10 weeks are passing through that we don’t realise it and the new owners are coming for them. For all of the puppies we try to find owners who love them, people and families who love this breed and can take care of their attendance and nursing. We keep the connection with the new owners and we help them in everything we can. We have puppies sold to many regions of Hungary and to Croatia, Czech, Serbia, Greece, Canada and in the USA.

Many people ask what does chow-chow mean for us and why do we love them such much?
It is very hard to explain but the chow-chow is a part of our lives and means the “real” dog for us. We have been loving them for 14 years and for 11 years we also have been breeding them. Chow-chow is an individuality and has an own character. As a puppy he is playful, happy and always ready for doing monkeyshines. As an adult he is faithful, brave and does everything for his owners. His calm nature and graceful behaviour is enthralling. The love of chow-chow is unselfish. He makes you happy if you are sad and he rejoices with you if you are happy. Sometimes they are stubborn and headstrong but we love them in this way, together with their less nice properties. We would like to have this graceful, calm and faithful dog for years whose name is chow-chow.

The photos taken of our dogs can be seen on the next pages.
We truly hope that we can give sweet moments to every guest and every people who is interested in chows as they look at this webpage.
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